Timothy Kassouni Discusses What Made Him Go Into the Law Profession

Timothy Kassouni

December 7, 2020

Real estate lawyer Timothy Kassouni recently discussed what made him go into the law profession.

 Not everyone is cut out to be a lawyer. Legal professions are professions of passion. They require long work hours and constant dedication, which often means working nights, weekends, and around the clock. Timothy Kassouni is a lawyer who possesses that passion for his work, and he recently discussed what made him choose to go into the legal profession.

“I founded Kassouni Law on the belief that property rights and personal freedom are, and should be intertwined,” Timothy Kassouni explained.

Timothy Kassouni explained that he considers it his duty to defend individuals’ property rights and protect individuals from private and government abuse. Timothy Kassouni now has years of experience litigating against public and private entities at all court system levels. He has even taken these battles to the California Supreme Court, the United States Supreme Court, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the California Court of appeal.

Timothy Kassouni entered the field of litigation in business, appeals, land use, and property rights law to protect the freedoms of his fellow Americans against organizations and private companies that often seem impossible to fight.

“In addition to fulfilling my mission of protecting others, I chose a career in law because I knew I’d never experience the dreaded feeling of boredom at work,” Timothy Kassouni said.

Law professions are intellectually challenging, and every day varies greatly from the next. Timothy Kassouni is a problem solver who loves to take on challenges, and that’s why he’s so successful in fighting for individuals’ property rights. Similarly, he explained that the legal system is constantly evolving, creating a dynamic landscape that is never dull or unfulfilling.

“Every legal field revolves around client service,” Timothy Kassouni continued, “You have to be someone who enjoys helping others and working with all kinds of people. Helping my clients succeed in the courtroom, and life is the most rewarding part of being a real estate lawyer.”

Timothy Kassouni finished by stating that the opportunities for growth in legal professions are endless. Sure, profits and revenues tend to rise as lawyers have more success with court cases, but the battles tend to get bigger. For Timothy Kassouni, this makes the job all the more thrilling and satisfactory.